Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation applauds successful conclusion of Bookville Reading Competition 6th edition

Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation extends its heartfelt congratulations to all participants and winners of the recently concluded Bookville Reading Competition’s Sixth Edition, hosted at the Alliance Francaise on November 18th, 2023. ...

CEF Commemorates Global Handwashing Day 2023 with Educational Initiative

Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation (CEF) proudly joined the global community in celebrating the annual Global Handwashing Day, an initiative aimed at advocating for the critical importance of hand hygiene in disease ...

Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation (CEF) empowers over 800 pupils through Kit-a-Child Programme Phase 4

Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation (CEF), a leading non-profit organization committed to educational empowerment, made a significant impact on the lives of pupils from Mushin Local Government Area (LGA) in Lagos State ...

Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation partners OGAV on Summer Camp for Girls

Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation (CEF) and the Ornaments of Grace and Virtues Initiative (OGAV) have kicked off the 2023 Girl’s Leadership & Mentoring (GLAM) Summer Camp in Lagos. OGAV and CEF ...

Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation emphasises children’s access to education, healthcare, and opportunities for personal growth

…celebrates children as a reward of life Mr. Barnabas Olise, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Cakasa Nigeria Company Limited (CNC), has called on parents, guardians, and educators to recommit themselves ...

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About Us

Then Samuel took a stone...and named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”
1 Sam. 7:12

Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation (CEF) was first conceived in 2005 through the Spirit-inspired vision of the Managing Director of Cakasa Nigeria Company (CNC), Engr. Philip Balami Yaro, to be a stairway that would provide support to the weak and vulnerable members of society. This vision was further enhanced in 2011 after the victory and survival of the turbulent financial years of 2009/2010 experienced by its parent company Cakasa Nigeria Company (CNC). These challenging years saw the winding down and even death of some big conglomerates but CNC through God’s grace and the tenacity of its Board of Trustees, Management Team and Staff were able to scale through. This further led the MD while speaking at the CNC annual thanksgiving to acknowledge the hand of God being instrumental to the survival of CNC. In showing gratitude for God’s goodness, mercies and faithfulness, Cakasa Ebenezer Foundation was born.
By their endorsement and adoption of CEF, the founding Fathers of CNC with legendary vision and selfless spirit to humanity thus nurtured a small acorn seed to a great oak tree where all birds can perch for survival and eventually reach their destinies. They also fed the platform through generous donations over the years to transform societies and saving lives.

What we do

Community Development

We promote the coming together of community members  to take collective action and generate solutions to common community problems.


Our immediate intervention is to provide assistance to public primary and secondary schools through volunteering and infrastructural development.


CEF embarks on initiatives designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in individuals and communities


CEF is involved in the fight against premature deaths in Nigeria by providing financial and material support in healthcare from primary to tertiary levels.


CEF is involved the creation of funding opportunities for research into the areas of science, technology, engineering, medicine, health, economics and other social sciences and the arts.

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